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Month: June, 2009

Second chances

I’m a great believer in second chances where they’re warranted. My trouble is I am a tenderheart who often sees the rosier best in people whether they deserve it or whether they really are the better version of themselves. Here I am, standing on the edge of an opportunity both that terrifies me with excitement […]

Little bits of peace

I do recall, not so long ago, sitting, watching some birds in the sky, making peace with a decision that was completely out of my hands. Somehow, I felt those birds in the sky were a message, and as I thought that, I remembered the little adage: If you love something Set it free If […]

Ode to a friend

Warning: Emo poetry below. Avert your eyes should you care. Dear little one With coat of brown Like chocolate (which you loved) Dear friend of mine Who once ran like the wind And bounded deer-like Through the long grass Most cherished heart Who would sit at the Foot of the bed Just to be near […]

A sweet story

My two best girls here in Melbourne are my cousin (well technically, she’s my third step cousin) and my former room mate. When I was to introduce them, I was terrified. Let me paint a picture… Nirvana (a.k.a. Na) is gorgeous, blonde-haired, blue-eyed. She’s tall, fit and can be a handful, much as I love […]

Things to be grateful for in a quarter century

This is not going to be much of post tonight. Suffice to say, here is a list of things I am grateful for in my 25 years. Friends and family More specifically, two girls, a bottle and a half of Wirra Wirra Cabernet Shiraz, a -whole lot- of talking, excellent food (Thanks Kell and Na […]

Taking a little time

Today was a day I had to remind myself to take a little time to make myself happy. The last couple of days I have been struggling. It is the little bits and pieces that make you happy. Fresh tumble dried laundry, a nice warm and homecooked meal, a good book. Just a little gesture […]

When you’re not yourself

I don’t know what has been in the water this last little while, but I have not totally been myself. The me I perceive myself to be is happy-go-lucky, with a few dark moments that generally wash away within a short period. What I think happened is I just got lost. Utterly and completely lost. […]

A place for vanity

Vanity has received a bit of bad press in recent times. Possibly because it is closely linked with that pesky deadly sin – pride. I too had been against it, thinking that you should love the person in entirity and not focus so wholy on the external. Since focusing on my health and inadvertantly the […]

The woman out of the picture

It seems so often that behind a great man is a woman, keeping everything running and in ship-shape. I have always wondered whether these are happy marriages, where one person has all the glory and the other all the strain. I came across an article in the Melbourne Age today (For the love of Gala, […]

An apology to the NGV

Just before I get into another discussion of Salvador Dali, I want to issue a retraction in regards to my Salvador Dali post. The $95 AUD I saw was for an event, and it is actually $23 AUD to see the show. So appropriate seeing as he was one for bringing art to the lay […]