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It seems to me that this story has slipped down between the crack and has been swept under the rug of our apathy. I am referring to the Palestinian woman recently convicted of being an Israeli spy.

In my news avoidance existence, I only stumbled across this story in newspaper on Saturday. I will preface the rest of this blog with the statement that I don’t agree with putting your countrymen in jeopardy in a time of war. But there must be some onus on society to take care of its own.

This story is one of the sad ones. A girl married without her consent to a man too old and depraved. Abused by the man charged by the vows he took to take care of her, her husband, she was forced into prostitution. She was brave enough to undergo a divorce from a man who clearly did not have her best interests at heart.

Turned away by her family for the disgrace of the divorce, this woman got by, not an easy task in a society where this sort of behaviour is shunned. She met a man who took her on a trip, who probably excited her with possibilities, and who turned out to be another of those who would use her and betray her. Blackmailers threatened to ruin the little corner of existence she had eked out. I honestly don’t know what I would do in her situation.

The court even said none of her information had lead to anyone being hurt. She cooperated and confessed as fast as they could take it down. I am glad she was given some leniency, life in prison I believe. To think of life in a cell a blessing..

I have thought about this over and over. Look at the circumstances that brought her to this. A desperation when all those who were supposed to care for her used her for their own gain. She was but a pawn in the games and machinations of men. I am sure she will be used by the feminist movement in Palestine, an example of how those men charged with a woman’s wellbeing fail to take adequate care. This poor girl was used so terribly, and will continue to be used to further other’s agendas.

My bet is, she was a girl who dreamed of a marriage to a man who loved her, with children and a home. Getting old with her siblings, talking to her mother with a babe balanced on her knee. Even to dream of being tucked away from the ravages of war. Society crushed her dreams, and failed to extend a hand when she faltered. Each Palestinian needs to acknowledge the role they all played in her downfall.

Me.. my prayers are with that frightened woman, and I hope that her life will be easier now. Please keep dreaming, there is always a better tomorrow…

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