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Month: August, 2009

Pushing the comfort zone #2

I know some of you have been keeping track of me pushing the comfort zone once a week, and this week it was going to CSTS (Can’t Stop The Serenity) Melbourne event and being involved in helping it run smoothly. It started with meeting up with some of the organisers from the Melbourne Browncoats, whom […]

Shake it like you just don’t care

Just a quick blog tonight to tell you all how I love the universe. I was driving home last night from a tiring day, both physically and emotionally. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great one, full of new experiences and meeting new people, plus doing the supportive friend act. I was driving along […]

Discovering Dali

To begin a journey with an artist, you should go back to their humble beginnings, their tentative steps toward creation of the truly magnificent. A great exhibit takes you on a journey along the slow meandering travels the artist took to get to the place where they found their uniquely creative voice. Hats off to […]

Lowering standards

Having just come out of a relationship, albeit one that didn’t quite reach the significance I hoped it would, I have been discussing relationships and not being in one with quite a few friends of mine. My guy friends are eager to see me out and about with a new one, regardless. Despite what people […]

Pushing the comfort zone

How many of us live in a zone of comfort, defined by the activities we perform, the friends we have and the places we go? I know so many people who like their lives mapped out by nice little lines into convenient compartments so that nothing gets messy or confusing. Even though as a Gen-Yer […]

A Life of Ordinary

I just wanted to preface this story with a little shout out. Joanna Young of Confident Writing (@joannapaterson on Twitter) challenged people last week to write out of their comfort zone. She was talking of a different form or medium. I, however, thought to confront an issue outside my comfort zone. Now, this story is […]

Gender identity

Many of you will know that the issue of gender identification is one close to my heart. The horror of it all is that not even biology can truly account for what you feel and present as. This is why I read with horror that they are “gender testing” female South African runner, Caster Semenya. […]

Life’s shifts

Life is made up of shifting sands, the unstable ground of changing fortunes and times of remodelling. How much can any plans we make today be solid, set down and solidified? Where does that leave the liquid nature of dreams? The hopes that you want to build upon the shifting foundations that are your life? […]

Exploitation of loss

What is it about us as a society that we want to watch the horror stories, the train wrecks and the worst side of life? These are the stories that fill our newspapers, our news sites, our discussion boards. I am watching the story of Brenda Lin, the young girl who lost her parents, 2 […]

Listening to our inner child

In my head, I had two entries picked out to blog on tonight. There were pictures I was going to hunt down, phrases I was going to use, points of view I was going to utilise. My soapbox was primed and ready for the hopefully somewhat enlightening or witty or emotive prose I was going […]