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This evening, as I muse away here from the safety of my couch, I wonder about the small little habits we all pick up to help us cope in the relative uncertainty the world has to offer. I have friends that pick at their skin, or eat a ton of bad food (ok, that could be me too), or go into their little hidey holes and refuse to come out.

My little peccadillo is I read. To get so involved in a book, it is almost like the characters are flesh and blood and drift around me, but I get to feel what they’re thinking down to the minutest detail. They become my friends and my family, the reason for existing. Words on the page are more real to me some days than my own existence. That world drowns out the one I am unhappy with. My favourite author for distraction is Jodi Picoult. A word of warning. My headspace is not pretty when her books come out.

But I laugh and I cry, and at the end of it, I come out thinking that maybe I can cope and perhaps the world is not all bad. After all, people can’t be all bad if they inspire some of the characters in her novels. It gives me a chance to take a much needed time out, refocus and slip easily back into the life I don’t know how to deal with some days…

Now if only I could translate that to some more action…

So tell me, my web wonders, how do you cope?

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  1. depends on the situation but usually i retreat. it’s my cancerian ascendant coming into play. i retreat back into the safety of a home/hole to regroup recharge rethink and dig away at the debris created in my mind. i fall back to lick my wounds and study the world from a new perspective of not being in it.i should read while i’m there..


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