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What are we glorifying?

Woman’s Weekly this month are interviewing the mistress of the recently deceased Richard Pratt, Melbourne billionaire and chairman of Visy Industries, a paper recycling company. Her claim to fame is that she was his mistress for years and they had a daughter together.

Now, I don’t care what people do in their private lives, though it distresses me to think of Richard Pratt’s wife. What must she go through to see a respected magazine like the Australian Woman’s Weekly touting the woman who would command the man who promised to love, honour and protect her.

Publicly promoting this sort of woman, however, makes me livid. Why are we promoting her alongside the respectable and very classy Michelle Obama? Hell, why do we even teach our daughters and sisters to be classy, smart, fun and intelligent women? Why don’t we just get them to practice their trophy wife laughs and send them into the path of rich, older businessmen? That way, they get their meal ticket and never have to earn or achieve a damn thing themselves?

I am sick to the stomach of story after story like this. Why do we glorify people who never hold a steady job and make no contribution to the greater good of society? Where are the women who work hard, love hard, play hard? Those who make me proud to be a woman in this day and age.

Am I alone in this? Or just a preachy little soul… What do you think?

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  1. OtherAndrew

     /  March 25, 2010

    I agree. Well said!

  2. I do agree. It’s been brewing for a while now. I hate that our celebrities are the pretty people. Actors and those, like Paris Hilton, who are simply famous for being rich. Sure, actors add a little something to our lives, but their contribution is no where near as great as that of an author, scientist or politician.Our celebrities are the wrong people IMHO.

  3. I just get this feeding back to me through my young female cousins and I think “What the hell did the suffragettes fight for?”Women of today have a lot to answer for.

  4. Ah, the What Did The Sufragettes Fight For? argument. Obviously, they fought for a lot of things which included the right for Shari-lea Hitchcock and Paris Hilton to be utterly useless if that is their wish. One has to be free to waste one’s life. I think we celebrate those people because they live lives so utterly different from ours. And I think that ‘celebration’ has a good portion of envy in it. I think it would only take a small incident for the public to flip on Hitchcock or Hilton. They are being judged even as they fill social pages. It’s this, the poisonous love/hate of the utterly useless which is telling. If anyone you actually knew was this pointless you’d avoid them at all costs. Every single time Paris Hilton has ever spoken I have always been struck by the vapidity of her commentary. She has no conversation. No take. No insight. But clearly that is not what we want her for. I am with you on the role model question, too. I cringe when I think of young girls seeing some of these women as aspirational. You can’t aspire to be an heiress. And aspiring to be the mistress or let’s face it even the wife of a multi-millionaire is aiming very low indeed.


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