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Month: July, 2010

What the heart wants

Stop thinking about what everyone else wants. What do you want? Noah, The Notebook I am the girl that believes in happy endings and ever afters. I was weaned on the fairytales where everything worked out and stories rounded out in all the wonderful ways. Tonight, The Notebook was on TV, and I was watching […]


What a dark and twisted emotion obsession is. It controls and feeds on itself, needing you to go to new heights to feed its frenzied requests. It’s scary for both the obsessing and the obsessed about. On one side, there is the dark new side to your personality that won’t give in until it knows […]


Possibilities frighten and sadden me. I like many parts of my life and imagining portions of it not as they were unnerves me (I have an overactive imagination). The idea of parallel universes intrigues and fascinates me. But I feel for the Sophie that was never born.. the Sophie that was never a sister to […]