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Possibilities frighten and sadden me. I like many parts of my life and imagining portions of it not as they were unnerves me (I have an overactive imagination).

The idea of parallel universes intrigues and fascinates me. But I feel for the Sophie that was never born.. the Sophie that was never a sister to my little brother… the Sophie that never loved those I have and do, and never loved in return as I have been…

I know she would have had different experiences, a different story, a different life. But, as flawed and troublesome as mine has been, it has also been charmed. Graced by characters, experiences and memories I never want to let go… I don’t want these other Sophie’s to miss out on that.

I’m a crazy, emotional sad person I know, but has any one ever felt the same way? That there is a person or experience that your life would be poorer without?

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  1. Yes and there are many I could have done without. On the parallel universe idea I believe that this is when we reach those junctions in our lives where a choice is made to go one way which leads to certain experiances.Sometimes we make the choice personally, othertimes people make those choices for us. I like to believe that the path we chose not to follow is where another has chosen to go instead.I wonder if when we die all those different versions of ourselves unite and that way we haven’t missed out on any of life’s experiances at all.Hmmm…there’s an idea for a book for you Smoph 🙂

  2. But I think about the experiences that I didn’t like and how that has made me who I am and I kind of like who I am most of the time..And maybe the different versions would. You’re right, there is a story in that…


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