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Blood donation: other ways you might not know you’re helping

I’m a big believer in blood donation. My grandfather had a red blood cell leukaemia and in the course of his treatments used bucket loads of blood. I’m sympathetic to haemophiliacs and burns victims, cancer patients, mothers and babies in distress childbirth, or those in surgery who need our blood. I try to donate as […]

A good meal

It is the charming little acts of kindness that make us feel appreciated and wanted. We all like to feel cared for, it reminds us that what we do does not go unnoticed, that we will not fade away into the annals of time without another human being ever being aware of our existence. An […]

When you’re not yourself

I don’t know what has been in the water this last little while, but I have not totally been myself. The me I perceive myself to be is happy-go-lucky, with a few dark moments that generally wash away within a short period. What I think happened is I just got lost. Utterly and completely lost. […]

Recreating yourself

Any scientist who works with stem cells will tell you that the hardest cell to change is the cell the knows what it is destined for. It is the same with people. Those who ‘know’ what they can and cannot achieve. It is why the fitness and weight loss industries makes money – people begin […]