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The overnight illusion

It is a disservice to writers everywhere to promote the idea that writing success happens overnight. Years of hard work and practice at the skill of concise and interesting stories is what precedes every novel that goes to print, and a good many besides. Let’s look at a well-known fantasy name, George R.R. Martin. You […]

Glorious libraries

Ah! The glory of libraries. All of those books in one place. So much knowledge, so many stories. It is the dream of readers everywhere to possess a library anywhere near half as extensive as this. Many libraries lack an artistic flair in architecture. This beautiful building however, so elegant in the afternoon sunshine, is […]

Life’s shifts

Life is made up of shifting sands, the unstable ground of changing fortunes and times of remodelling. How much can any plans we make today be solid, set down and solidified? Where does that leave the liquid nature of dreams? The hopes that you want to build upon the shifting foundations that are your life? […]

Insomniac inspirations

In the stillness of the early morning, there is a kind of peace. The hustle and bustle of the world has passed away and most of the world slumbers. The rest of the world except for me. Here I am in my own little hole in the wall. Outside, the wind rushes and rattles my […]