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What the heart wants

Stop thinking about what everyone else wants. What do you want? Noah, The Notebook I am the girl that believes in happy endings and ever afters. I was weaned on the fairytales where everything worked out and stories rounded out in all the wonderful ways. Tonight, The Notebook was on TV, and I was watching […]


What a dark and twisted emotion obsession is. It controls and feeds on itself, needing you to go to new heights to feed its frenzied requests. It’s scary for both the obsessing and the obsessed about. On one side, there is the dark new side to your personality that won’t give in until it knows […]

If wishes were fishes

And if wishes were fishes I know where I’d be Casting my net in the dark rolling sea And if my net’s empty when it comes back to shore I’ll throw it away and go fishing no more. Wishing is a fruitless past-time, better to go out and get it. Trouble is those pesky little […]

Listening to our inner child

In my head, I had two entries picked out to blog on tonight. There were pictures I was going to hunt down, phrases I was going to use, points of view I was going to utilise. My soapbox was primed and ready for the hopefully somewhat enlightening or witty or emotive prose I was going […]