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Real does not equal always strong

I stumbled across a discussion the other day about the findings of Gender Inequality in Film (the infographic is disheartening but exceptional work by the team at the New York Film Academy). One of the comments attracted my attention, and I’ve been musing on it since. The gist of this woman’s comment was that Dr. […]

What are we glorifying?

Woman’s Weekly this month are interviewing the mistress of the recently deceased Richard Pratt, Melbourne billionaire and chairman of Visy Industries, a paper recycling company. Her claim to fame is that she was his mistress for years and they had a daughter together. Now, I don’t care what people do in their private lives, though […]

A leader in your own right

It was much to my disgust that I regarded the news of today about Hillary Clinton’s retort to a young man in Congo about what her husband’s opinions were. I am not perturbed by her treatment of the young man, but more that she should be vilified in the media for reminding someone that she […]

Feminism today

Feminism is a cause which has largely been lost on my generation of women, and maybe the Gen Xs as well. In the folly of my youth, I too denounced a tie to “feminism” and announced I was an egalitarian instead. Of course, it’s not quite the same, but I suppose that I found it […]