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Contact 2016: Geekery in Bris Vegas

What’s the deal? Contact 2016 is the 2016 iteration of the National Speculative Fiction convention (NATCON). It’s the premier con that’s also associated with the Aurealis and the Ditmar awards this year. (The Ditmar Awards are the premier science fiction awards for Australia, whereas Aurealis Awards are awards for all speculative fiction). It’s running in Brisbane […]

Handle With Care

My mother said to me recently, “What is wrong with having someone take care of you?” She was, of course, referring to my past propensity to pick men who wouldn’t look after me and only look after themselves. While I was taken aback by the suggestion at the time (I thought I was choosing relationships […]

Fingerprints on our lives

  ‘Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch.’ Robert Pattinson’s new movie is out, and that phrase is a little soundbite from the trailer. Much as I am despising Hollywood for cheapening quite a meaningful phrase, it did get me thinking. How much of what I am is the mark others have left […]

We lost a friend in the field tonight

Whoever says that an online community is not as close-knit as a physical one has never been part of a truly involving internet group. Whoever says that virtual friendships to not equivilate to face-to-face friendships has never had a friend so involved with their lives on the web that they feel they’ve known them most […]

I’d like to know you

A friend sent me a beautiful song by Lisa Hannigan named I Don’t Know. It seems to be such an appropriate song for me at the moment. I have a number of new friends that I have made online, plus a boy who I adore and hope will become an even larger (and more important) […]

What sickness reveals

Sickness is the great tragedy of our existence. I suppose it lets you know when you’ve pushed things too far, when it’s time to slow down. It reveals a lot about our personalities and our capacity for operating on a normal basis when we’re in pain or feel low. It has been a topic greatly […]

A sweet story

My two best girls here in Melbourne are my cousin (well technically, she’s my third step cousin) and my former room mate. When I was to introduce them, I was terrified. Let me paint a picture… Nirvana (a.k.a. Na) is gorgeous, blonde-haired, blue-eyed. She’s tall, fit and can be a handful, much as I love […]