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April round-up

So what can I say about last month… Greg and I got MARRIED! I know…I feel like a grown-up. The stress of it had been driving me nuts. My bride-slaves Lauren, Alexis and Nirvana kept me (mostly) on track (they did their best) and sane. Greg put up with me and now he’s stuck with […]

Spring adventures in Canada: Part 4

Kindred spirits Prince Edward Island was our next destination, a place I have dreamt of visiting since I was a preteen and top of my list for my stay in Canada. I loved Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books and always wanted to find Anne Shirley on that island. We stayed in a lovely little hotel on […]

Pre-marriage mayhem

Hen’s and buck’s nights are a routine part of the wedding hullabaloo. I tend to wonder what purpose they served before this lascivious and sexualised age. I understand that as a celebration, they have a place. They serve as a farewell from the world of singledom, into the newly uncharted ways of coupledom. It is […]

Shake it like you just don’t care

Just a quick blog tonight to tell you all how I love the universe. I was driving home last night from a tiring day, both physically and emotionally. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great one, full of new experiences and meeting new people, plus doing the supportive friend act. I was driving along […]