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Free to be you

I am livid. I am fuming. And all I can do is blog about it. But blog I will. Have we not learnt from the mistakes of our forebears? When will we learn that denying rights to people does not work? When will we learn that as much as we think we understand people we […]

A helping hand

I have to admit this week I have been a bit down. I tend to feel that way when I feel I don’t have control of my life. But I had a lovely weekend, and I was feeling good about myself. My mood was elevated as I did my hair, put on some classy threads […]

Public transport etiquette

It has been a hot topic of discussion on my favourite blog this week. So I will write my version of public transport etiquette. 1) If you are young and healthy and even more if you are a student, be aware of elderly, incapacitated/disabled, pregnant women and mothers with small children. Trust me, one day […]