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Image saga update

This post relates to my previous posting on being an internet sensation. As of today, I’ve had one response from to say that they are looking into it after my post–no doubt after it started to garner some wider attention from people who were friends of friends (we all know how that can go). […]

Is it a case of author versus reviewer?

There’s been a huge outcry about a recent column in the well-known speculative fiction magazine, Strange Horizons. All over there are people drawing lines in the sand and defending fans who review and authors who comment. The column started talk about fan-bloggers/reviewers (which the writer identifies herself as) and industry blogs, talking about recent novels […]


The internet has so much to offer so many of us. Whether it is the potential for thousands of images, websites and information at our fingertips, or the relative anonymity to make our opinions known, it seems that so many of us find ourselves whiling away our time out there on the internet. For the […]

Work wastefulness

My cousin listened to me go on with excitement tonight about how I had become a celebrity, and when we got to the part about being on Twitter, she said, “Are you allowed to do that at work?”. The answer is not really. My boss, if she saw me, would flay me alive for wasting […]

Dating scene ala 2009

Dating is such an American term for what is essentially people getting together and seeing each other. Everyone assumes its so easy for the 20-somethings to get on. But its not as easy as it seems, especially from the girls point of view. The sexual revolution both freed and crippled us. It freed us so […]