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Old love is sexy

I know your last thought about being older is that it’s sexy. If you read my title and thought, “Sophie’s coming a bit out of left field today, where is her head at?”, then bear with me. Newspapers appear occasionally with good news stories of those happily married for 30 or more years, whose hearts, […]

What the heart wants

Stop thinking about what everyone else wants. What do you want? Noah, The Notebook I am the girl that believes in happy endings and ever afters. I was weaned on the fairytales where everything worked out and stories rounded out in all the wonderful ways. Tonight, The Notebook was on TV, and I was watching […]

To love enough

I was just watching the end of ‘Rumour Has It’ where there is another Hollywood ending with shots of a big white wedding. As if this solves their problems and takes away the sting of what went before.I have never been married. I have never been close to being married. I might have been close […]

The woman out of the picture

It seems so often that behind a great man is a woman, keeping everything running and in ship-shape. I have always wondered whether these are happy marriages, where one person has all the glory and the other all the strain. I came across an article in the Melbourne Age today (For the love of Gala, […]

This Old Love

Single spinsterdom, while all good in theory, is the chafing habit of my existence. The trouble is, I believe in love, in happy endings, puppies, rainbows and all things fantastical. There is only so long that you can push down the thoughts of your inevitable eating by Alsatians, Bridget Jones style. The thing is, while […]