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The men in our lives

Jane Austen: “The only way you can get a man like Mr Darcy is to make him up.” – Miss Austen Regrets (Gwyneth Hughes). Those of us who are attracted to and love men find it very hard to love them. Why should it be so, when we have such loveable literary characters as Mr […]

To the man in my future

I just want to say thank you in advance, for being a part of my life, and of my dreams. Please be a romantic. I have dreams of dancing in the kitchen, laughing with you as you twirl me, a flower from our garden between your teeth. I need someone who appreciates the rose coloured […]

Lowering standards

Having just come out of a relationship, albeit one that didn’t quite reach the significance I hoped it would, I have been discussing relationships and not being in one with quite a few friends of mine. My guy friends are eager to see me out and about with a new one, regardless. Despite what people […]

The first man to steal my heart

I have been listening to the Hack broadcast on Triple J in this man week forum, and it has been quite thought provoking. Part of today’s discussion revolved around men who hadn’t known their fathers. It is a very relevant and distressing topic. But what about the boys who never knew their mothers? Mothers generally […]