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Light the Night at Lillydale Lake

Greg and I took a wander at Lillydale Lake Friday¬†afternoon and came across an event we had forgotten was occurring on the public holiday (in honour of football parade–what the hey Victoria?!). Light the Night, an evening walk in honour and to support people with blood cancer. My grandfather died from his red blood cell […]

25 things you need to know when in Canada

Since beginning my travels in Canada, I have been learning little bits and pieces about the culture and history that I was surprised not to read about before I got here. So for your reading pleasure, here’s 25 things I learnt while in Canada: 1. Provinces are all important here and the equivalent of our […]

Professionalism in the publishing business

A week ago, I went to see Neil Gaiman, who I admire both as an author and as a person. I promise, I will explain why. It heartens me to see the following that he has. When I went to see his sold out talk, I arrived before doors opened and there was still a […]

Free to be you

I am livid. I am fuming. And all I can do is blog about it. But blog I will. Have we not learnt from the mistakes of our forebears? When will we learn that denying rights to people does not work? When will we learn that as much as we think we understand people we […]


I once watched a couple of professional dancers saunter their way through the most sensuous salsa I’d ever seen. The blush rose on my cheeks but I was entranced and couldn’t tear my eyes away. On one hand it was beautiful, on the other hand almost so intimate I felt I shouldn’t watch. These moments […]