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Landscape of possibility

Today I have been in a bit of a morose mood (ok, the last couple of days) and have been thinking about the landscape of my life. I’m thinking about the experiences that have made me the girl who I am, and if I were a map, what they would translate to in structures on […]

A place for vanity

Vanity has received a bit of bad press in recent times. Possibly because it is closely linked with that pesky deadly sin – pride. I too had been against it, thinking that you should love the person in entirity and not focus so wholy on the external. Since focusing on my health and inadvertantly the […]


The internet has so much to offer so many of us. Whether it is the potential for thousands of images, websites and information at our fingertips, or the relative anonymity to make our opinions known, it seems that so many of us find ourselves whiling away our time out there on the internet. For the […]