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It is not a protest vote

Warning: rant ahead.  I am a voter in the electorate of Higgins. Higgins, a (possibly formerly) safe Liberal seat, in previous terms boasting most recently an Assistant Treasurer (Kelly O’Dwyer) and formerly a Treasurer who would never be PM (Peter Costello). In a shocking development for the LNP, Higgins has been polling strongly for the […]

Review of I, Claudius

Seldom do I have books physically thrust at me, as recommendations to be read. “You need to read this.” (Paraphrased; Mark is much more eloquent than this small statement suggests.) Now, Mark has a much more intricate palate when it comes to fiction than I do, but he’s a great friend and his love of […]

A leader in your own right

It was much to my disgust that I regarded the news of today about Hillary Clinton’s retort to a young man in Congo about what her husband’s opinions were. I am not perturbed by her treatment of the young man, but more that she should be vilified in the media for reminding someone that she […]