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Life with a lead-in

If only life were handy enough to give us a synopsis of a situation or of people we meet so we could judge it by it’s cover. Think how much less wasted time and money we would have. I would think my current personal synopsis would read something along the lines of: Sophie, an outgoing […]

An editor’s work is never done

So, I have another story from my night seeing Neil Gaiman. You might have read the first part here. At the end of the talk, and at the beginning of the signing, I decided to sit in some empty seats at the very front of the auditorium reserved for Harper Collins editors, who I had […]

To the man in my future

I just want to say thank you in advance, for being a part of my life, and of my dreams. Please be a romantic. I have dreams of dancing in the kitchen, laughing with you as you twirl me, a flower from our garden between your teeth. I need someone who appreciates the rose coloured […]

Shake it like you just don’t care

Just a quick blog tonight to tell you all how I love the universe. I was driving home last night from a tiring day, both physically and emotionally. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great one, full of new experiences and meeting new people, plus doing the supportive friend act. I was driving along […]

Landscape of possibility

Today I have been in a bit of a morose mood (ok, the last couple of days) and have been thinking about the landscape of my life. I’m thinking about the experiences that have made me the girl who I am, and if I were a map, what they would translate to in structures on […]