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Handle With Care

My mother said to me recently, “What is wrong with having someone take care of you?” She was, of course, referring to my past propensity to pick men who wouldn’t look after me and only look after themselves. While I was taken aback by the suggestion at the time (I thought I was choosing relationships […]

Lowering standards

Having just come out of a relationship, albeit one that didn’t quite reach the significance I hoped it would, I have been discussing relationships and not being in one with quite a few friends of mine. My guy friends are eager to see me out and about with a new one, regardless. Despite what people […]

The woman out of the picture

It seems so often that behind a great man is a woman, keeping everything running and in ship-shape. I have always wondered whether these are happy marriages, where one person has all the glory and the other all the strain. I came across an article in the Melbourne Age today (For the love of Gala, […]

Dating scene ala 2009

Dating is such an American term for what is essentially people getting together and seeing each other. Everyone assumes its so easy for the 20-somethings to get on. But its not as easy as it seems, especially from the girls point of view. The sexual revolution both freed and crippled us. It freed us so […]