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Dear Me…

I have a few things to say and this seems to be the only way you’ll listen. This has to stop. Waging war on yourself is two things. Dumb and dumber. The only person it hurts is you. I don’t even understand it. You would open your heart for a thousand strangers, ignore aspects of […]

A place for vanity

Vanity has received a bit of bad press in recent times. Possibly because it is closely linked with that pesky deadly sin – pride. I too had been against it, thinking that you should love the person in entirity and not focus so wholy on the external. Since focusing on my health and inadvertantly the […]

Recreating yourself

Any scientist who works with stem cells will tell you that the hardest cell to change is the cell the knows what it is destined for. It is the same with people. Those who ‘know’ what they can and cannot achieve. It is why the fitness and weight loss industries makes money – people begin […]