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The last comedy of Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby, Nanette: an experience and a lesson

Pre-marriage mayhem

Hen’s and buck’s nights are a routine part of the wedding hullabaloo. I tend to wonder what purpose they served before this lascivious and sexualised age. I understand that as a celebration, they have a place. They serve as a farewell from the world of singledom, into the newly uncharted ways of coupledom. It is […]

What are we glorifying?

Woman’s Weekly this month are interviewing the mistress of the recently deceased Richard Pratt, Melbourne billionaire and chairman of Visy Industries, a paper recycling company. Her claim to fame is that she was his mistress for years and they had a daughter together. Now, I don’t care what people do in their private lives, though […]

Out of touch

A group of psychologists from the University of Chicago broke a finding last week that indicated that those of us in social networks transmit loneliness to our friends. Now, I don’t know about you all, but I think this is a crock. We all have lonely friends. The ones who get so eager to go […]

The first man to steal my heart

I have been listening to the Hack broadcast on Triple J in this man week forum, and it has been quite thought provoking. Part of today’s discussion revolved around men who hadn’t known their fathers. It is a very relevant and distressing topic. But what about the boys who never knew their mothers? Mothers generally […]

Public transport etiquette

It has been a hot topic of discussion on my favourite blog this week. So I will write my version of public transport etiquette. 1) If you are young and healthy and even more if you are a student, be aware of elderly, incapacitated/disabled, pregnant women and mothers with small children. Trust me, one day […]