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Repost: 5 Steps to Good Writing

This may just be the narrative inside my head. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? 1. Write. Sit down and write. 2. No. Turn off the solitaire. No, don’t open the web browser. For crying out loud, stop distracting yourself. 3. That is not the TV remote. Seriously. There isn’t even anything you want […]

The little mag that could

It’s been a pretty exciting month or so for me in my role as the Editor in Chief at SQ Mag. SQ Mag has been a labour of love for me and its original conceptualiser, Gerry Huntman, Chief of IFWG Publishing Australia. We started it as a six monthly hard copy edition in 2010 and […]

January Writing Roundup

January has been a splendid month for me, personal writing wise. With the impetus of the new year, and the major goal I assigned myself, I started to work on my novel again. Originally titled The Whale Singer, a title I think will have to be scrapped as it doesn’t quite fit in with the […]

2014: A Writing Year

Now that it is officially 2015 here in the northern hemisphere, I feel like I can finally take a look back on this year and see where I’m starting from this year, particularly in terms of my writing. It’s been a big year for me both as a writer and an editor. 2014 had a […]

Update on my writing

I’ve been neglecting my blogs lately but I thought I would come on over and update everyone as to what’s been going on in my life. Some of this will not be news to people who follow my author page on Facebook, or Twitter, or Google+. So back in March, I had a story accepted […]

A time for everything

At the moment there has not been time for everything. Not enough time for friends, for internships, moving, new jobs and the like. I had taken on too much for what I was capable of at this time. One decision was taken out of my hands. At first, I railed and was disappointed. But then […]

Messages from the universe

Today, I found out that my contract for my job would not be renewed. I also discovered that instead of having the two months I anticipated, I have one. Those of you who follow me on Twitter or are my Facebook friends know how miserable I have been in this job, and for how long. […]

Work wastefulness

My cousin listened to me go on with excitement tonight about how I had become a celebrity, and when we got to the part about being on Twitter, she said, “Are you allowed to do that at work?”. The answer is not really. My boss, if she saw me, would flay me alive for wasting […]

Whistle while you work

Working environments are so crucial to your happiness in the workplace. Whether it is coworkers who belittle or invalidate you at every turn, or a boss who hounds and remonstrates you for the littlest things, or just the job itself that makes you grit your teeth. When work consumes more than half your day, five […]