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Public transport etiquette

It has been a hot topic of discussion on my favourite blog this week. So I will write my version of public transport etiquette.

1) If you are young and healthy and even more if you are a student, be aware of elderly, incapacitated/disabled, pregnant women and mothers with small children. Trust me, one day someone will do it for you and you will appreciate it.

2) If asked by one of these for your seat, do it without complaint. Again, if you were in their shoes…

3) Please use soap and water, and after this, deodorant. It will make a much more pleasant ride for everyone.

4) Seats are for people, not for bags, your feet or half your butt cheek. Hogging seats is just not on.

5) If you only have 2 stops to go, and you don’t fall into the category in 1 & 2, give your seat up for someone who has a longer journey. If you hold on, standing won’t hurt you and will in fact be good for your physique.

6) Do apologise if you sit, stand or generally hurt someone else on the transport.

7) Stand back from the doors when people are trying to get out and don’t push in. You can get in when other people get out.

8) Don’t push from behind to get out.

9) Please do have as close to correct fare as possible. Other people would like to be on time too.

10) Please do answer people who talk to you, even if it is to answer them and then say, “Sorry, but I am not interested in chatting today. Thanks.”.

11) On that note, please devote your entire attention to the driver or whoever it is that takes your fare. Make the process expedient for everyone else.

12) Don’t graffiti on the inside of the train. You know the unoriginal and truly pathetic tagging I am talking about. You’re not cool, you’re just an idiot and it shows your IQ.

13) Please allow people to get to the doorway easily. You might not have to go anywhere, but other people do.

14) While I don’t care about knowing your life (I’m a people watcher and it amuses me), keep in mind anyone could be on that bus/train/tram. Would you want your grandmother to hear that potty mouth?

Keep to this and you and I will have no problem if we encounter each other. Happy travelling.

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