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My cousin listened to me go on with excitement tonight about how I had become a celebrity, and when we got to the part about being on Twitter, she said, “Are you allowed to do that at work?”. The answer is not really. My boss, if she saw me, would flay me alive for wasting her time. I try to check it infrequently, but I like to know what is going on in the world.

Which brings me around about to what the other guilty work-time wasting techniques we have. I like to read the news, a couple of the girls used to love Perez, and another is an eBay fanatic. Not to mention Facebook and MySpace. I am sure that the IT monitoring at work has a plethora of different sites of interest for those not interested in their own work.

My question is really for those in the social/new media industry, from PR to bloggers, marketers to online entrepreneurs. When a portion of your business relies on your presence on the internet, on all the social networking sites and creating contacts in this space, how do you regulate excessive recreational use at work? Is it monitored by your employer/HR/IT departments? Or are you given free reign to make contact with the outside world as the face and representative of your company and clients? Is there some sort of acceptable use policy or use guidelines so that nothing inappropriate appears in your account?

And what of you who were headhunted from arenas like online blogs or your online presence, which would be mostly recreational? Is your online presence then regulated by the employment you choose?

In some ways, I like that my own work is seperate from this aspect of my life, but I will be seeking to join those of you who do work in this medium. I wonder then, how much of my true online personality will be lost.

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  1. Many of my clients have requested blocks on their networks so that noone can access FB, Myspace, YouTube, all of the ‘time wasters’. I like redirecting page requests to a mock page that tells them that their request has been logged.I remember when you needed to ba able to construct a website to be able to have an online presence. I coined the term cybernarcissism, it was the title of my website, which I coded myself. Now every N00b can add inane widgets to FB ad nauseum. It quickly verges on ridiculous. Eye catching gimmicks to keep those with twitter leaving attention spans glued to the screen.I’ll let you in on a little secret, I have a hidden FB account. Purely to contact those lost friends whom I have no other way of contacting. I didn’t like the idea of revealing my true identity online, as in the past I had seen anonymity as another facet of the mask I wear everyday, behind which I hide my true self.So, sci-fi fantasy nerd, if you have read Hamilton’s Commonwealth Saga, you might find me on FB.Now, wiith the increasing amount of information available on the Internet, leaving too much of yourself out there is dangerous. Shall I send you a picture of your house to prove my point?

  2. I am curious D4m0. Do show me you can find my house on here.. I try not to put too much information (personal) on the net, but have some.Also, am now going to have to read that saga to find you on the stalkers-r-us, aka Facebook.

  3. To your credit, you are more careful than anyone else who freaked out when I sent them pictures of their house. It can be as simple asFirst name, Last name from facebookLeads to whitepages or electoral roll, gives addressGoogle Street View, voila!

  4. Luckily at the moment, I am in between houses as well. Squatting for the win!Damn electoral roll. Sells us down the river. What a surprise it’s governmental.

  5. Anonymous

     /  May 21, 2009

    Hello SMOPH :). I like your blog.I never used to waste time at work. I WAS my job, I gave 120% every day, every week ect etc. Then some stuff happened that was really unfair.This year I’m flat out meeting KPIs, I float, I email, I text, I listen to music. I actually have problems because I use too much flex.I shouldn’t have given my job so much of myself, but then they should have appreciated it more.Gotta find some middle ground somewhere, I don’t know how. Don’t be like me ok?


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