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Sex for the sexes

This was a random thought I had while padding around the other night, wishing for a phone call. I know it has probably has been discussed to death, but I just thought I would just put it out into the cyberverse once more.

Men and women have such different uses and requirements for sex. It’s just ironic humour of some being out there, determining such polar opposites from beings that need to share it (excluding those who share that act and a sex – lucky them).

Being a woman, I’m feeling free to comment on this. For the most part, the women I know enjoy sex for the intimacy it brings (the results are an extra special bonus). We like the unguarded moments that post-coitus brings.

Men, from what I’ve been told, enjoy the pure physicality of the sex, the gratification. For men, they need the sex to get to the relationship part – the part that’s important for women. If they even get to that.

I am not saying there is not elements of both in people of either gender. But, for the most part, we certainly don’t seem to view this act in the same way.

I actually think it’s tragic and rather sad. Such a beautiful and fundamental way to communicate, skin to skin, without words. And what do we do with it? Use it as a weapon, withold it as an emotional punishment (for both of you), just using callously and without discretion.

I miss sex. So I beg of you, those of you having it, please don’t take it for granted. Embrace that loved one, touch them with all of you that you can. Do it for those of us that miss it, and for your own happiness (and that of your partner) and wellbeing. Love like you don’t need need to. Just because it’s fun!

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  1. I quite miss it tooIt’s been so long, I forgotWho should tie up whom

  2. Haha D4m0! I love it!


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