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It was much to my disgust that I regarded the news of today about Hillary Clinton’s retort to a young man in Congo about what her husband’s opinions were.

I am not perturbed by her treatment of the young man, but more that she should be vilified in the media for reminding someone that she was a leader and politician of note in her own right.

On a mission aimed at improving the lives of women in a region of the world, why should one question reflecting the antiquated societal values in the Congo be given any sort of merit?

I agree that the question was answered with less finesse than she as a practised politician must be capable of. I also understand it was a translator error, which is also understandable.

And surely it is of some consequence that her husband, while doing something good for two young girls in North Korea, yet again overshadowed her attempts to do good. While I respect former president, he certainly seems to act with passive aggression where his wife is concerned.

What I want you all to focus on is this: Hillary Clinton is a respectable politician, who has showed strength of character in the past and a desire to do some good for others. Why would you seek to bring down a strong female role model on a matter which barely rates the discussion it’s received?

Media.. shame on you.

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  1. Thank you. The press is pathetic. The people who faint, weep, gnash their teeth and rend their clothes because of her very honest (and mild) reaction to being told that her husband speaks through her mouth, and the morons who think she’s having a hissy fit because Bill got some publicity last week are insincere & cynical, or insecure. Both should be required to watch The Stepford Wives 10 times in a row. Hillary was talking about things that were deeply important. If you don’t respect her for that there’s something wrong with either your brains or your heart.

  2. The media is still dominated by men. It has been since time immemorial. Strong women figures in anything are anathema to anything male-centric.

  3. The media is male-centric, but what Bill did produced a more immediate effect, hence all the media attention. People need to focus more on the positives!

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