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I am livid. I am fuming. And all I can do is blog about it. But blog I will.

Have we not learnt from the mistakes of our forebears? When will we learn that denying rights to people does not work? When will we learn that as much as we think we understand people we don’t, and that our judgment of their situations is far from reality – because we haven’t experienced it?

I’m sure that masters thought they knew the minds and ways of their slaves. Men in earlier times also thought they knew the minds of their women – but encouraged them to keep any opinions to themselves. Europeans knew better than their conquered subjects – destroying heritage and culture, an attribute they claimed to understand and possess.

And here we are, standing idly by as our countrymen and women are denied human rights.

I don’t know about you, but I’m straight. I have never dated/kissed/performed any kind of sexual act with a woman. But you know what, if I had the inclination, I would follow my heart and my sexuality – because if you’re not true to yourself, then you’re just cheating yourself.

An interesting video commentary was posted by Boing Boing recently- When did you choose to be straight? It is a well recognised fact that sexuality is not a choice. The same goes for sexual identification – transgenderism.

How dare we say that those of us who are gay or transgender are not good enough? How dare we indicate that there is something wrong with them? Have you ever experienced what someone gay or transgendered feels – to know they will be hated and judged, and worse still, considered a second class citizen in the place they were born? All because of the person they were when they were born.

Discrimination wears the face of public opinion and I, as a member of the public, am ashamed.

We ought to be horrified. We are using old excuses. Excuses which fall hard and flat upon the floor. I can not believe that people are still musing about this.

How do you want your children to look at you? Do you want them to see the prejudiced, the judgemental, the apathetic, the afraid that you are? Or do you want them to see someone who loves them, who wants to create a better world for them to live in?

A world where you’re free to be who you are.

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