April round-up

So what can I say about last month…

Greg and I got MARRIED!

Sophie Greg wedding
Greg and I. Photo by Andrew Harrison of Passion8 Photography.


I know…I feel like a grown-up.

The stress of it had been driving me nuts. My bride-slaves Lauren, Alexis and Nirvana kept me (mostly) on track (they did their best) and sane. Greg put up with me and now he’s stuck with me for life! Muahaha!

Sophie Y girls
The ladies who kept me sane. Photo by Andrew Harrison of Passion8 Photography.

I put together the new Symbiosis Special Edition of SQ Mag within a week, due to a week of horrible illness. Despite this time pressure, I have to say, it’s a great edition so go and read some awesome stories!

Luckily in that week that I was plague incarnate, I had my dear Cassie’s recommendation of the new TV series of Outlander. Scots – tick; time travel – tick. I’ve also started reading the series as I wait for Season 2 episodes. I’m not coming out. Damn it Cassie and Diana Gabaldon!

I’m working on a few pieces of my own at the moment. There’s been some work on my novel, a new science fiction short flash that’s with some astute writer friends and an epic poem that has some stanzas completed. It was inspired by one I composed on Storybird.

On that note, there’s some additional editing afoot. Many things to do! I’ll leave you with the micropoetry from Storybird: SevenBrotherBirds_SYorkston