Light the Night at Lillydale Lake


Greg and I took a wander at Lillydale Lake Friday afternoon and came across an event we had forgotten was occurring on the public holiday (in honour of football parade–what the hey Victoria?!). Light the Night, an evening walk in honour and to support people with blood cancer.

My grandfather died from his red blood cell leukaemia and we have other friends with blood-related problems. So for us, it was a no-brainer to purchase a lantern and join the walk around the lake in the balmy evening.

What a sight. The lights stretched out behind us for kilometers, each a family or couple there to represent or support someone they loved.

LightTheNight4This evening was only one across the country (except you Perth; yours is next week on the 9th, so get to it). A well organised and well attended event for the Leukaemia Foundation. Congratulations to all involved.

If anyone wants more information about the foundation’s good work, head straight on over to