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Light the Night at Lillydale Lake

Greg and I took a wander at Lillydale Lake Friday¬†afternoon and came across an event we had forgotten was occurring on the public holiday (in honour of football parade–what the hey Victoria?!). Light the Night, an evening walk in honour and to support people with blood cancer. My grandfather died from his red blood cell […]

Blood donation: other ways you might not know you’re helping

I’m a big believer in blood donation. My grandfather had a red blood cell leukaemia and in the course of his treatments used bucket loads of blood. I’m sympathetic to haemophiliacs and burns victims, cancer patients, mothers and babies in distress childbirth, or those in surgery who need our blood. I try to donate as […]


Exercise – we either love it or hate it. Either way, it’s an important part of daily life and essential to long-term well-being. My choice of exercise is a class known as Body Balance. I don’t know whether it is the complimenting styles the class amalgamates, giving you a tantilising taste of yoga, pilates and […]