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Day on the Green: Florence and the Machine

Dusk’s multicoloured cloak enrobes the hills outside Geelong, softening the dry brown grass hills into something beautiful, a burgeoning moon rising of over the hill. This is when Florence and the Machine take the stage. A wild will-o-the wisp trips across the stage, a heart and head of burning, fierce joy. Her gossamer wings and […]

We Will Rock You: 2016 Australian tourĀ 

In the comfort and opulence of Melbourne’s Regent Theatre, the last flames of rock burn on the iplanet. The dreamer remembers the music long forgotten, suppressed by Globalsoft. With the music catalogue of Queen all ready for rock opera, all it took was Ben Elton to update the in-jokes. Sunday’s performance was my first experience […]

The rhythm of life

I have never been a great believer in the power of music or sound, especially in a healing or therapy sense. But recently my friend philophosphorescence made me think about sound when describing how the sound of her own heart beating reminded her of how vitally alive she was. There is nothing more intimate, more […]