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Month: July, 2009

Face of the downturn

For those of you unacquainted with the delightfulness that is Glenferrie Road here in Melbourne, I am going to tell you of the little street in the heart of Armadale that I fell in love with when I first arrived here. Glenferrie Road, specifically the portion between the Princess Highway/Dandenong Road and High Street, is […]

Sometimes Day (poem)

Sometimes I notice how blue the sky is How the sunshine golden The way flowers dance in the wind Sometimes I find joy in the simple things In my favourite song playing As the wind rushes through my hair Sometimes I’m glad I’m in the world And I feel the world is ultimately good And […]

Irrational anger

Do you know those times when a wave of anger rises from somewhere behind you, reaching right up over your head, sending you sprawling in a tide of fury that you just can’t seem to find your feet in so that you can regain your normally calm rationale? The sort of ire that rushes through […]

I’d like to know you

A friend sent me a beautiful song by Lisa Hannigan named I Don’t Know. It seems to be such an appropriate song for me at the moment. I have a number of new friends that I have made online, plus a boy who I adore and hope will become an even larger (and more important) […]

Insomniac inspirations

In the stillness of the early morning, there is a kind of peace. The hustle and bustle of the world has passed away and most of the world slumbers. The rest of the world except for me. Here I am in my own little hole in the wall. Outside, the wind rushes and rattles my […]

What sickness reveals

Sickness is the great tragedy of our existence. I suppose it lets you know when you’ve pushed things too far, when it’s time to slow down. It reveals a lot about our personalities and our capacity for operating on a normal basis when we’re in pain or feel low. It has been a topic greatly […]

Diametric days

It is funny how diametrically opposed a day can be. It has weighed on my mind after this weekend. The morning was beautiful, I practically sparkled as I danced down the pavement, a song on my lips and a laugh in my throat. The terrible thing was there was no one to share it with […]

Passenger seat parables

From my safe and secure childhood, I can remember many occasions of night driving, scooting south along the highway under the canopy of stars. I can recall resting my head on the pillow as the world flew past, but feeling safe and warm. Listening today to Passenger Seat by Death Cab for Cutie, it occurred […]

Sex for the sexes

This was a random thought I had while padding around the other night, wishing for a phone call. I know it has probably has been discussed to death, but I just thought I would just put it out into the cyberverse once more. Men and women have such different uses and requirements for sex. It’s […]

Ode to a boy

Those eyebrows question meQuoting back at meThe little truthes I’ve let slipPunctuating my sentencesStaccato when he staresWith big eyes seeing through meClingfilm against the lightSeeing through to theVery soul of what I am sayingAnd what I am not sayingI cannot hideAnd I rather like itRumbling laughterStirs up my gigglesWhich please most of allI laugh not […]