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Post it note poetry month & February round-up

I did imagine doing this post somewhat earlier this month, but here we are. A few discoveries came out of February and some good times writing short poetry and prose. Plus a lovely gift. First of all, I’ll point you to this post of Jodi Cleghorn’s explaining Post-it Note Poetry month. This is my second […]

February fun

February has been burning through the days post-haste, as if the month wasn’t already short enough. (Can you sense my panic of a wedding deadline rapidly approaching?) But it’s been fun. I’ve been participating in Post-it note poetry month. You might have seen the poems I’ve been sharing. Post-it note poetry started out of Brisbane […]

Post-it note poetry

In February, when I was struggling to edit SQ Mag and get over one nasty cold virus that lingered on, I might not have worked much on my novel (sadly, after such a promising January), but it inspired me to work on some short poetry. Post-it Note Poetry began in my circles with my writing friend (and […]

Sometimes Day (poem)

Sometimes I notice how blue the sky is How the sunshine golden The way flowers dance in the wind Sometimes I find joy in the simple things In my favourite song playing As the wind rushes through my hair Sometimes I’m glad I’m in the world And I feel the world is ultimately good And […]

Ode to a boy

Those eyebrows question meQuoting back at meThe little truthes I’ve let slipPunctuating my sentencesStaccato when he staresWith big eyes seeing through meClingfilm against the lightSeeing through to theVery soul of what I am sayingAnd what I am not sayingI cannot hideAnd I rather like itRumbling laughterStirs up my gigglesWhich please most of allI laugh not […]

Ode to a friend

Warning: Emo poetry below. Avert your eyes should you care. Dear little one With coat of brown Like chocolate (which you loved) Dear friend of mine Who once ran like the wind And bounded deer-like Through the long grass Most cherished heart Who would sit at the Foot of the bed Just to be near […]