Post it note poetry month & February round-up

I did imagine doing this post somewhat earlier this month, but here we are. A few discoveries came out of February and some good times writing short poetry and prose. Plus a lovely gift.

First of all, I’ll point you to this post of Jodi Cleghorn’s explaining Post-it Note Poetry month. This is my second go around and I always have such fun (I also wrote about it last year). You can go to the public Facebook group here or check out some under #pinp16 on Twitter.

Most of the prose I worked on in a free form style, like the below:


To sunshine, my itty-bitty ode to a sunny day on the university campus.

SlowAsAWetWeek_SYorkston Fendthegreyday_SYorkston

Slow as a wet week, which was the poem I wanted to write about a stormy day but I wrote Fend the grey day first.


Grind & Wheel about the skaters in the park near work, searching for more compassion and understanding on a day everything annoyed me.

I was introduced to the zip-ode by my friend MX Kelly, which is a poem with the number of syllables for each number in the zip/ post code. I wrote a couple of others for homes I have had as well but didn’t set them to an image like these; I’ll post them sometime!

Sweet tropics and My Island Home.

 Tville_zip-ode   MyIslandHome_SYorkston  

I commemorated events that I attended, or things that were happening in February that I felt involved with. On the field and Lies Fall Fallow.


I dabbled with a new style coined “octain” by MX Kelly. My poem, Projections, which came out of Melbourne’s White Night. 

Adam Byatt also introduced those participating to an app, Storybird, which allows you to combine words and images for very short prose. It’s fun though! Do let me know if you’re on it and we can connect!


Seven Brother Birds.

Jodi was also kind enough to gift me one of her beautiful pieces, crafted from rice paper origami squares and phrases from a book. It now resides in pride of place on my Vancouver magnet board.

My beautiful gift poem from Jodi
My beautiful gift: a #pinp16 poem from Jodi

Many thanks to Jodi for introducing me to this month’s potential for creativity two years ago and for my beautiful poem; Sean Wright for collating and sharing and being the archivist for this adventure; Adam Byatt for the introduction to the Lark Storybird app and being a co-founding the initiative; and lastly to everyone who participated, because I loved the poetry feed and what I learnt about new forms. A month of beautiful imagery!

One day, I’d like to record my poems so that they can be shared in another way, with another audience. But that’s for another time. Maybe I will get the courage for live poetry readings!

As for the rest of February, I mostly ran around doing things for the wedding, but I did write a little story that’s been kicking around in my head for a while. It’s with an editor for an anthology, so here’s hoping for a good outcome for that little friend. There’s also another I’m writing with another market in mind, hoping that third time will be the charm. My little baby story came back again, so she’ll be back out to another market in the near future.

I’m also lucky enough to have a friend who is a linguist and who was kind enough to help me out with some linguistic patterns for a character and some pointed edits I have to work on for another well-polished piece. Can’t wait to get it back out there again.

As far as I’m concerned, February has been a win given all the other bits and pieces going on. I don’t expect nearly as productive a March…

Contact 2016: Geekery in Bris Vegas

What’s the deal?

Used with permission, (c) Contact2016
Make Contact!

Contact 2016 is the 2016 iteration of the National Speculative Fiction convention (NATCON). It’s the premier con that’s also associated with the Aurealis and the Ditmar awards this year. (The Ditmar Awards are the premier science fiction awards for Australia, whereas Aurealis Awards are awards for all speculative fiction).

It’s running in Brisbane over the Easter weekend 25 – 28 March 2016.

Why go?

It’s a fan conference, with everything that’s spectacular about speculative fiction. Something for the fan, something for the writer, a full contingent of cosplay with a whole lot of great guests and people. Plus it’s on in gorgeous Brisbane!

The bonus for me is that Brisbane has a thriving writing community. There’s the Queensland Writers Centre in Brisbane, and Writer’s Activation on the Gold Coast, as well as some very exciting, game-changing projects that have come out of creators in Brisbane. I’m going to connect with some kick-ass writers, who are also organisers of this con. They know spec fic, they know what our nerdy hearts love and they want to give it to us!

There’s also a contest for unpublished writers. Peter M. Ball has been writing some great posts on cons for first timers, and maybe start with his post on why you too should come to Contact!

I know, I know, you’re saying that it will be hard to get there. It might (key word: might) be a little late for folks in some other states, but if you’re in Queensland, and even more specifically Brisbane, why wouldn’t you come on down?!

What I’m hoping will happen at Contact

Mostly what I’m hoping to achieve by attending Contact is getting to know my peers, new (to me) awesome people and my industry a bit more. I’m especially keen to meet up with Brisbane writer friends who I’ve been getting to know online for the past 2 – 3 years. Supportive and encouraging friendships begin from starts like ours, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know people a little better.

I’m keen to know what great projects and fiction is coming out of Australia. If I can swing it, I’ll head to an awards ceremony or two, and see hard-working creators rewarded.

I’m also lucky to have many good friends in Brisbane, including dear Trev and Meg who are putting me up (and fronting up to our wedding a weekend later). One of my oldest friends and I are going to reconnect, which will be wonderful too.

All in all, I’m looking forward to a fun weekend in a city I love and connecting with a whole bunch of people who love the things I do. What better way to spend a weekend!

If you’re interested you can head to the Contact website or to the Contact Facebook page to find out more! Take a look at the Program. Friday and Monday are more affordable if you can only attend one day.

Also, edit!: I’m keen to meet new people and would love to talk SQ Mag with people, so come on over and have a chat about fiction, editing, whatever!