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Month: August, 2013

Glorious libraries

Ah! The glory of libraries. All of those books in one place. So much knowledge, so many stories. It is the dream of readers everywhere to possess a library anywhere near half as extensive as this. Many libraries lack an artistic flair in architecture. This beautiful building however, so elegant in the afternoon sunshine, is […]

An editor’s work is never done

So, I have another story from my night seeing Neil Gaiman. You might have read the first part here. At the end of the talk, and at the beginning of the signing, I decided to sit in some empty seats at the very front of the auditorium reserved for Harper Collins editors, who I had […]


  Yesterday Vancouver was overrun… With zombies! The annual Vancouver zombie walk was a huge success, with lots of varied and imaginative costumes. There was people of all age groups, from little babies (well-taken care of by Mama zombies of course) and small children, all the way up to adults with a few greys that […]

Professionalism in the publishing business

A week ago, I went to see Neil Gaiman, who I admire both as an author and as a person. I promise, I will explain why. It heartens me to see the following that he has. When I went to see his sold out talk, I arrived before doors opened and there was still a […]

Back to blogging!

Today, I’ve reached the cumulation of work of a couple of years. A couple of years ago, I expressed to Greg that I would like to make my blog well and truly mine. So what did he do? He went out and bought this domain for me. Honestly, until moving to Canada, I haven’t had […]