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Book review: Brothers of the Knife, Dan Rabarts

Review of Dan Rabarts’ Brothers of the Knife, a rollicking fantasy with an unlikely hero.

Book review: The Stonor Eagles, William Horwood

William Horwood was already a favourite, but this novel has elevated him once more in my eyes.

The unspoken divide: books & comics

My love of books and story started before I could really read; my parents tell me that I could happily entertain myself for hours as a little tacker. As with many of us with a love of reading, this began with picture books, learning many of the basic rules of language: cadence and intonation, grammar […]

Review of I, Claudius

Seldom do I have books physically thrust at me, as recommendations to be read. “You need to read this.” (Paraphrased; Mark is much more eloquent than this small statement suggests.) Now, Mark has a much more intricate palate when it comes to fiction than I do, but he’s a great friend and his love of […]

10 books that stay with you

There’s a bit of a fun meme running around Facebook at the moment, and I thought I would share the 10 books that have stayed with me and why (in no particular order). I cheated a little bit; there’s a couple of series in there. I was tagged by fellow authors Jodi Cleghorn and Caitlin […]

Spring adventures in Canada: Part 4

Kindred spirits Prince Edward Island was our next destination, a place I have dreamt of visiting since I was a preteen and top of my list for my stay in Canada. I loved Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books and always wanted to find Anne Shirley on that island. We stayed in a lovely little hotel on […]

Glorious libraries

Ah! The glory of libraries. All of those books in one place. So much knowledge, so many stories. It is the dream of readers everywhere to possess a library anywhere near half as extensive as this. Many libraries lack an artistic flair in architecture. This beautiful building however, so elegant in the afternoon sunshine, is […]

Escaping the rat race

This evening, as I muse away here from the safety of my couch, I wonder about the small little habits we all pick up to help us cope in the relative uncertainty the world has to offer. I have friends that pick at their skin, or eat a ton of bad food (ok, that could […]