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The year that was, 2015

When I first wrote this post, I got to the end and walked away disheartened and depressed. I know we’re all supposed to put our positive out into the world, but the reality is when I laid it all on the table, I was disappointed with my year. The first post I wrote was lauding […]

Zen tea

Tea is one of my favoured past-times. It’s bracing and calming, and hell, some cups may even be good for us (a good summary of studies from the University of Maryland). My dad would bring me gifts of delicious varieties when he came to visit the impoverished little student, back in my undergrad days. When we […]

Life with a lead-in

If only life were handy enough to give us a synopsis of a situation or of people we meet so we could judge it by it’s cover. Think how much less wasted time and money we would have. I would think my current personal synopsis would read something along the lines of: Sophie, an outgoing […]

What the heart wants

Stop thinking about what everyone else wants. What do you want? Noah, The Notebook I am the girl that believes in happy endings and ever afters. I was weaned on the fairytales where everything worked out and stories rounded out in all the wonderful ways. Tonight, The Notebook was on TV, and I was watching […]


Possibilities frighten and sadden me. I like many parts of my life and imagining portions of it not as they were unnerves me (I have an overactive imagination). The idea of parallel universes intrigues and fascinates me. But I feel for the Sophie that was never born.. the Sophie that was never a sister to […]

Water wonder

Where would we be without water? It’s about 70% of our bodies, and covers about the same amount of our planet. We drink it, use it for cooking, recreate in it and use it for cleaning. I’m not going to talk about it as the resource that will probably cause the next world war, its […]

Handle With Care

My mother said to me recently, “What is wrong with having someone take care of you?” She was, of course, referring to my past propensity to pick men who wouldn’t look after me and only look after themselves. While I was taken aback by the suggestion at the time (I thought I was choosing relationships […]

A time for everything

At the moment there has not been time for everything. Not enough time for friends, for internships, moving, new jobs and the like. I had taken on too much for what I was capable of at this time. One decision was taken out of my hands. At first, I railed and was disappointed. But then […]

If wishes were fishes

And if wishes were fishes I know where I’d be Casting my net in the dark rolling sea And if my net’s empty when it comes back to shore I’ll throw it away and go fishing no more. Wishing is a fruitless past-time, better to go out and get it. Trouble is those pesky little […]


What can I say? I’m a mess. I’m a girl who looks better with bed hair. Keeping wrinkles out and clothes straight and unsplattered with food or drink is a full time job for me. My home is covered in clutter (though is clean). I attract mess. Personally, I’ve dated some lovely, very personable messes. […]