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On being an apparent internet sensation

So today, my mum tagged me on a Facebook link and said, “don’t know how they got a hold of your photo.” We always check out Christmas Island posts if we see them. And this is where she made her discovery. There’s a photo of me, probably about 5 years old, next to a wall […]

What I learnt from John Freeman

  I ended up working at the event where John Freeman was in conversation with Hal Wake, director of the Vancouver Writers Festival. As you do at these events, you quickly learn about the author whose book you’re selling, and I also had the opportunity to also watch the event. John Freeman is a journalist. […]

Exploitation of loss

What is it about us as a society that we want to watch the horror stories, the train wrecks and the worst side of life? These are the stories that fill our newspapers, our news sites, our discussion boards. I am watching the story of Brenda Lin, the young girl who lost her parents, 2 […]

Work wastefulness

My cousin listened to me go on with excitement tonight about how I had become a celebrity, and when we got to the part about being on Twitter, she said, “Are you allowed to do that at work?”. The answer is not really. My boss, if she saw me, would flay me alive for wasting […]