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Spring Adventures in Canada: Part 7

Halifax The last stop on our whirlwind tour of Canada’s east was the capital of the fine state of Nova Scotia. We were lucky enough to stay in downtown Halifax for the two or so days we were there, with a lovely view of the channel. Our first day there was a bit wet and […]

Spring adventures in Canada: Part 6

Bay of Fundy and Annapolis Valley It was a glorious day as we wound through the south-eastern coast of the Bay of Fundy. The area is replete with wineries but the one we stopped at for lunch, Luckett Vineyard, was perfect. It had a simple and delicious menu, we sat in toasty sunshine overlooking the […]

Spring adventures in Canada: Part 5

Cape Breton From PEI, we went on to Cape Breton.  We stayed first with some cattle farmers in Antigonish, which is just off the island the cape is on. Antigonish is largely farming communities with thick forests.  My partner Greg and I actually had a chill out day; we were a bit worn out by all […]

Spring adventures in Canada: Part 4

Kindred spirits Prince Edward Island was our next destination, a place I have dreamt of visiting since I was a preteen and top of my list for my stay in Canada. I loved Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books and always wanted to find Anne Shirley on that island. We stayed in a lovely little hotel on […]

Spring adventures in Canada: Part 3

The St. Lawrence: A river of dreams Our drive took us further along the north bank of the St. Lawrence, up to the Sanguenay and a little town called Tadoussac. The water of the Sanguenay River is black as pitch, until the shallows where it’s the colour of a tea that puts hair on your […]

Spring Adventures in Canada: Part 2

The Frenchies Our first day in Montreal, my partner Greg and I rushed off to meet our new landlord! We ended up in Le-Plateau-Mont-Royal, wandering down the street where the stores had market stalls on the street. We could have walked for kilometres but eventually turned back. We really were in French territory here; everyone […]

Spring adventures in Canada: Part 1

  Vancouver and Ontario My partner and I  stepped off the 16 hour flight from Sydney into Vancouver’s nippy Spring. Typical West Coast weather for the first week: alternating drizzling rain and sunshine. Even though our hotel for the first week was on the party strip (we’re not clubbing enthusiasts…) we really didn’t notice. Granville […]

25 things you need to know when in Canada

Since beginning my travels in Canada, I have been learning little bits and pieces about the culture and history that I was surprised not to read about before I got here. So for your reading pleasure, here’s 25 things I learnt while in Canada: 1. Provinces are all important here and the equivalent of our […]

Don’t think, just do

I have finally booked in my trip to Fiji for October. I have been saying for years that I would go with my dear friend Nikki, and finally, I am going. When I committed to this holiday, I sat back and said to myself… Why have I been holding back on this so long? What […]

Public transport etiquette

It has been a hot topic of discussion on my favourite blog this week. So I will write my version of public transport etiquette. 1) If you are young and healthy and even more if you are a student, be aware of elderly, incapacitated/disabled, pregnant women and mothers with small children. Trust me, one day […]