Spine Poetry (not what you think)

What a wonderful way to create art on the go. Or even in other people’s houses, getting to know them by their libraries.

Creating poetry from the spines of books was the brain child of American artist, Nina Katchadourian, on a project called Sorted Books (which, if you are interested, she has released a book for). There is a great gallery from on The Huffington Post with some examples.

It’s spawned a couple of tumblr accounts, including this one or you could just search for the tags. Incidentally, it’s like tumblr was designed for this kind of sharing!

The best part is that it doesn’t take long and it requires only a bookshelf of books, which we all have at home. And a smartphone or another camera of any kind.

With my very limited library at the place we’re living in, here in Vancouver, I created one for kicks! Love to do one when I get home to Australia, with all my books there.

20131002-2 20131002-1

It’s almost the weekend. If you’ve got any spine poetry, or you’d like to share any, I’d love to see it. Let’s get creative!