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Story sale: Sleepers

Sleepers will be appearing in the Fall issue of Deep Magic released next month.

Repost: 5 Steps to Good Writing

This may just be the narrative inside my head. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? 1. Write. Sit down and write. 2. No. Turn off the solitaire. No, don’t open the web browser. For crying out loud, stop distracting yourself. 3. That is not the TV remote. Seriously. There isn’t even anything you want […]

February fun

February has been burning through the days post-haste, as if the month wasn’t already short enough. (Can you sense my panic of a wedding deadline rapidly approaching?) But it’s been fun. I’ve been participating in Post-it note poetry month. You might have seen the poems I’ve been sharing. Post-it note poetry started out of Brisbane […]

Writing update for May

I know it’s been a little while since I posted or updated. Life has been tripping away for this writer over the last few months. While I must confess that not much writing has been done, there’s been some positive author career steps last month for this scribe. As of the 31st of May, I […]

January Writing Roundup

January has been a splendid month for me, personal writing wise. With the impetus of the new year, and the major goal I assigned myself, I started to work on my novel again. Originally titled The Whale Singer, a title I think will have to be scrapped as it doesn’t quite fit in with the […]

Goals for 2015

When it comes to ushering in the new year, goals are always the hardest part for me. I even had a hard time writing this down. If I do not reach them, it can be disheartening and that affects my work. So I wanted to keep the goals manageable and down to me. But I […]

2014: A Writing Year

Now that it is officially 2015 here in the northern hemisphere, I feel like I can finally take a look back on this year and see where I’m starting from this year, particularly in terms of my writing. It’s been a big year for me both as a writer and an editor. 2014 had a […]

December writing update

My friends, it’s official. I have now been published twice! Very excited to have seen the photos of a wonderful and successful launch of The Best of Twisty Christmas Tales from Phantom Feather Press. This on the back of a very successful FundMe campaign, where they funded a print run of books. I’m very proud […]

Subtropical Suspense: All the love

It’s the most humbling experience to have people you come out to support you, either by buying your book or reading and telling you how they’ve loved what you’ve written. I’m so pleased to see how many people have a copy of Subtropical Suspense, and areĀ helping share the love for a great Australian anthology and […]

Update on my writing

I’ve been neglecting my blogs lately but I thought I would come on over and update everyone as to what’s been going on in my life. Some of this will not be news to people who follow my author page on Facebook, or Twitter, or Google+. So back in March, I had a story accepted […]