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Adventure Escape Room: Ukiyo

Ukiyo – bringing gameplay to life in a narrative escape room adventure

Contact 2016: Geekery in Bris Vegas

What’s the deal? Contact 2016 is the 2016 iteration of the National Speculative¬†Fiction convention (NATCON). It’s the premier con that’s also associated with the Aurealis and the Ditmar awards this year. (The Ditmar Awards are the premier science fiction awards for Australia, whereas Aurealis Awards are awards for all speculative fiction). It’s running in Brisbane […]

Spine Poetry (not what you think)

What a wonderful way to create art on the go. Or even in other people’s houses, getting to know them by their libraries. Creating poetry from the spines of books was the brain child of American artist, Nina¬†Katchadourian, on a project called Sorted Books¬†(which, if you are interested, she has released a book for). There […]

Nerdiness extravaganza

I am lucky enough to have found someone to indulge my inner (read: outer and everpresent) nerd. A friend who heard the Star Trek movie was half decent has agreed to be dragged along to the Imax and be subjected to the sci-fi geekery. This is lucky because I was planning to go on my […]