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Transitioning from the page to the big screen

This week, I went to see the much anticipated cinematic release of Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game. Recognising its name as a quintessential science fiction read, and a highly awarded one at that, I have been looking forward to seeing it. So much so that I also read the book. I hear you all thinking: […]

Are third-party sites helpful for writers?

Hoping to grow awareness of my work, I’ve been challenging myself with my writing by getting involved with weekly challenges at two places on the internet. The first, and by far the most successful at generating traffic to the blog, has been at writer Chuck Wendig’s page, terrible minds. Chuck is a funny, self-effacing kind […]

What I learnt from John Freeman

  I ended up working at the event where John Freeman was in conversation with Hal Wake, director of the Vancouver Writers Festival. As you do at these events, you quickly learn about the author whose book you’re selling, and I also had the opportunity to also watch the event. John Freeman is a journalist. […]

Spine Poetry (not what you think)

What a wonderful way to create art on the go. Or even in other people’s houses, getting to know them by their libraries. Creating poetry from the spines of books was the brain child of American artist, Nina Katchadourian, on a project called Sorted Books (which, if you are interested, she has released a book for). There […]

Is it a case of author versus reviewer?

There’s been a huge outcry about a recent column in the well-known speculative fiction magazine, Strange Horizons. All over there are people drawing lines in the sand and defending fans who review and authors who comment. The column started talk about fan-bloggers/reviewers (which the writer identifies herself as) and industry blogs, talking about recent novels […]

The overnight illusion

It is a disservice to writers everywhere to promote the idea that writing success happens overnight. Years of hard work and practice at the skill of concise and interesting stories is what precedes every novel that goes to print, and a good many besides. Let’s look at a well-known fantasy name, George R.R. Martin. You […]

Back to blogging!

Today, I’ve reached the cumulation of work of a couple of years. A couple of years ago, I expressed to Greg that I would like to make my blog well and truly mine. So what did he do? He went out and bought this domain for me. Honestly, until moving to Canada, I haven’t had […]

Adam Elliot: A tribute to talented professional Australians

Every now and again in life, you get one of those opportunities of a life time you will never forget. As an intern today, I got to interview Adam Elliot. For those of you not in the know, Adam Elliot is the brains and the brawn behind the Academy Award winning stop-motion animation Harvie Krumpet. […]

No place like home

As an antithesis to my story, A Life of Ordinary, I wrote this story after some nagging from my cousin who wanted me to. This, I suppose, is more how I picture my perfect life to be. So please, enjoy my little snapshot. As it always did, the gate creaked as it opened inwards into […]

A Life of Ordinary

I just wanted to preface this story with a little shout out. Joanna Young of Confident Writing (@joannapaterson on Twitter) challenged people last week to write out of their comfort zone. She was talking of a different form or medium. I, however, thought to confront an issue outside my comfort zone. Now, this story is […]